There is a special time each morning and each evening that when you stop, tune in and really immerse yourself in can change your life. After the high I experience each time I return from traveling, I find myself less excited to get back to my daily routine. Not because I don’t enjoy my life but because I still craving that adventure and break from monotony. Matt and I were looking into a weekend away or even easy day trips to quench my thirst for some ‘down time’. I really have to pay attention to that yearning in my line of work because left unchecked can result in a lot of procrastination and avoiding work. When you work from home and set your own hours the temptation to blow off work on an 83° sunny day and go swimming can be strong. Believe me there is nothing wrong with that once in a while but I know myself and if that feeling persists I know I am either burnt out, taking on too much or simply avoiding my responsibilities.

So I was paying extra attention to this week as I went about my life. Matt and I were watching some of our favorite shows on the Weather Channel, which actually has some amazing nature shows. Two of our favorites are Storm Chasers and ‘From The Edge’ With Peter Lik. Peter Lik is an adventure seeking master photographer who travels to remote locations to catch the world’s most spectacular natural scenes. He is often chasing the ‘perfect shot’ to ensure his photographs accurately convey the majesty of what he is experiencing. The other night he was explaining how Twilight  was the best lighting to take pictures. It is the short window of time just before the sun rises over the horizon and just after it sets when the sky explodes with vibrant colors, draping everything around it in a magical glow.

Mountain Lake With Moonrise At Night. Night LandscapeThe next evening I was out grilling as the sun was going down and innocently gazed upward. What I saw and experienced took my breath away. I was frozen with the grill tongs in my hand as I saw a full, glowing yellow orb hovering in a swirl of pinks, blues, purples and magentas. I could barely break out of the trance but forced myself to look around. I noticed how the colors in my garden seemed to pop in the Twilight and how even the puffy clouds were backlit by the last rays of the sun. Everything was glowing, I WAS GLOWING and the world was alive! It was a regular Wednesday night, I was cooking dinner and yet I was transported for 5 minutes to a mystical land. In that moment I FELT like I was on vacation. I ran for  my camera to be able to share the beauty but after a few shots realized I am no Peter Lik and some things must be experienced, not captured. The least I could do was share this with Matt so we stood outside gazing upwards for a few minutes. I was rambling on about how amazing I felt, how beautiful everything was and how much I LOVED TWILIGHT. The next words out of his mouth were like music to my ears. “Babe”, he said, “instead of being storm chasers let’s chase Twilight!” It was just a fleeting thought for him but as soon as he said it triggered a revelation for me. I didn’t need planned vacations, day trips or a scheduled day to ‘relax’.  I could do it in any moment at any time and it FEELS THE SAME! By being present and experiencing a beautiful moment I can have a relaxing mini vacation any time or how looking for something inspirational can add an exiting twist to my day! Wow, what a concept. This is getting more fun by the minute!

So for the next few nights we proceeded to Chase Twilight. I chased it home from a meeting watching the moon again rise over the Berkshire mountains. Matt and I chased it all the way home from picking up a pizza, complete with pulling over to the side of the road to get out of the car and watch the colors reflect on the water. We even chased it all the way to watch Fireworks. I hate to admit it because I love Fireworks but the sun setting on the ride there far outshined the entire display.

It’s amazing how a simple shift in perception and a conscious effort to seek out beauty can turn ordinary tasks into EXTRAORDINARY moments! I will leave you with a poem I wrote 7 years ago when I was frequently lost in blissful moments… So keep your eyes peeled and your heart open as there are many magical moments to chase!!

Magic Places Exist-October 25th, 2004

Secret cracks in the fabric of time once inside the world comes alive.

Dying trees vibrate with radiant colors, continually highlighted by the golden sun as

leaves dance merrily, spinning and circling when wind sings its song.

Long buried emotions rush to the surface in rhythmic waves.

I breath deep until the waves subside and carry me back to the shore of reality.

Magic places exist if only we have the eyes to see them.





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