This past week I got some big news about the Sustainable Lifestyle Company, Viridian, I’ve been representing for the past 8 years. If you’ve read my blog ‘Good Mourning Sunshine’ you know that from the first time I heard the word Viridian it was crystal clear it was a path I needed to follow. The Divine Intervention I experienced was so powerful I literally jumped in headfirst and never looked back. It was a startup company when I joined and I became the company’s very first sales associate. There were NO guarantees and I was taking a huge risk by being the first. Although the journey hasn’t been all sunshine and roses, Viridian has brought me infinite gifts, soul friendships and experiences that will live in my heart forever. Sadly, it was announced that the company will be transitioning and there is no longer the need for the network marketing channel moving forward. They will continue to service and enroll Energy and Solar customers and will keep paying the existing sales ssociates for the work they have done. There is also a new, similar company being formed for entrepreneurs  that want to continue the same type of career.  To be honest I was not shocked. I knew there were big changes on the horizon and unfortunately the business had plateaued for some time. I will not defend, nor will I condemn the company for it’s decision. I don’t know all the factors behind the scenes that when into making this decision and it’s already done, so there is no use looking back. “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Buddha. I began this journey in complete FAITH and I will honor this portion by ending the same way.

Network marketing is a unique industry since it relies on someones personal relationships to be successful. It dances a fine line between business and personal where you work with your friends and family and form bonds with those you ‘work’ with that resemble life long friendships. For all Viridian associates past and present, this was personal. Many left along the way when the road got too bumpy and some chose to stick it out to the very end. As you can imagine this past week has been filled with mixed reactions that run the gamut from people being livid and hurt, to the bitter ‘I told you so’ folks who left long ago, to the outpouring of gratitude and love from others. It would be easy to tell you that one type of reaction is ‘better’ or more ‘mature’ but the reality is EVERYONE is entitled to his or her reaction no matter what. I may not agree personally with the way some are handling it but that is not my business. I am in the unconditional love, spreading kindness and total acceptance business so I will resist every urge to judge and do my best to let love shine. Endings simply allow new things to begin. So while I am definitely grieving the end to this particular chapter in my life, I am also looking forward to the new adventures that await me.

Viridian BookWhile I decide what to do next I will be reflecting on the collective good Viridian has done for the world and the people in it. We created a wave of good in the world that will continue to ripple out. Our sales associates and their customers have reduced carbon emissions by over 10 BILLION pounds. We’ve planted trees, installed solar panels and brought clean water to villages across 7 Continents! We’ve sent thousands of associates on luxurious rewards trips, spent hundreds of hours volunteering in local communities and paid over $100 million in commissions to people working PART TIME. We’ve celebrated each others successes at hundreds of events, supported each other and shared our tears and frustration when things weren’t going as we hoped. We’ve forged bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime, said goodbye to friends who have gone before us and have all grown as people because of this experience. I for one am a completely different person then when I started this.

GenV you gave me hope at a time in my life I felt hopeless. You chose to follow me and believed in our shared Vision of a better world. By introducing Viridian to your network we created an amazing team and for me abundance and freedom like I’ve never experienced. You allowed me to spread my wings and become more self confident and courageous with your support. You gave me TIME freedom to spend with my family and friends, sometimes in their last moments on this earth. You sent me around the world to do what I love most, help people. You inspired me with your life stories and “Why’s” and have treated me with the utmost respect over these last 8 years. GenV, you may never know the immeasurable gifts you have given me but I will ALWAYS BE YOUR HUMBLE SERVANT in any capacity, no matter what path we all take, for as long as I’m on this earth. That I can promise you.

2 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. I absolutely love what you have written, I also love the photo of you with your Aunt Teri & your Mom ( my friend ). I wish you great fortune in your next chapter!!! Love, Mary Terese Sheehan


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